Submitting An Offer

The offer process is very personal and we work with you one on one with you when submitting offers. Every experience we have with clients is unique! A lot of things go into an offer too, including putting up earnest money, a due diligence fee (sometimes), choosing closing dates, closing attorneys, and more.

Valuing property in the High Country is an art and a skill. Data can only go so far when you have a ‘million dollar mountain view’ or an incredible location, how do you value these things? We also deal with a diverse group of sellers from out of town locations, owners can be full time residents, family estates, trusts, and investment corporations.

This is why we work with you one on one during the offer process. In some situations, we have advised our clients to write a letter to a seller. Sounds cheesy, right? Not necessarily, because showing the seller there is a personal side to the sale makes it less transnational.

Disclaimer: This blog is used to provide general information but not professional advice. We work with our clients on a case by case basis and every situation is unique.